Share It. All Boats Rise.

Posted by: Julie on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

generis-logo.jpgI had the pleasure of connecting again with a good friend of mine and esteemed colleague at Exponential last week.  I’ve gotta brag on him a little bit…. Brad Leeper is one of the senior fundraising strategists at Generis, one of the leading Christian fundraising consulting firms in the country.  I was introduced to Brad last October through Dave Travis of Leadership Network.  Leadership Network’s chief goal is to connect innovative leaders with one another for the goal of maximizing Kingdom impact.  Not only did Brad spend time coaching me and our team during our initial meeting in October, but he even stopped into Community a month later for a couple of hours during a visit to Chicagoland.  Brad continues to impress me with his Kingdom-minded view of generosity.  If you’re a church without the means to have an entire staff person devoted to stewardship and generosity, you need to look this guy up.  And if you are the staff person leading the charge on stewardship and generosity, then you need to look this guy up.  Brad shares a philosophy that I’ve come to respect about a lot of leaders I’ve encountered in the church planting world:  When you share with one another, all boats rise.  Thanks Brad.


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