Happy Birthday Dad!

Posted by: Julie on Saturday, July 12th, 2008

ribs.jpgMy dad is my favorite person in the world – well, in addition to my mom of course.  :)  My dad not only taught me everything I know about finances, frugality, and generosity – but he also taught me a lot about where to find the best barbecued ribs.  This pic was taken last summer when he and my mom came to Naperville.  There isn’t any rib deal around here that is as good as what we used to get back in Oklahoma, but Naperville does the best it can with the Wood Pit, one of my personal favorites.  (Don’t let the countryside picture on their website fool you, it is in the middle of upperclass suburbia across the street from the Audi and Lexus dealerships. :) )  Back in Bartlesville, Dad and I used to go to Dink’s and get the three-rib special on Sundays after church.  Those were the days….  Since then, Dink’s has had to battle competition from the massive rib chain, Rib Crib, as well as competition from some type of ‘upscale revolution’ going on downtown that includes overpriced Italian food and itsy bitsy pastry shops that charge more for a slice of bread than Starbucks does.  But Dink’s still prevails!62.jpg

Dad, I respect you more than anyone in the world, and I love you so much.  Thank you for ‘allowing me to figure things out myself’ while actually teaching me all along the way.  Thank you for modeling wise spending and saving and a life of generosity that has now resulted in the principles I’m devoting my life to.  Thank you for the sacrifices you made so that I could grow up in a strong home, go to a strong college, and become a strong woman.  My faith in God is strong because of the things He’s shown me through you and Mom.  Thanks for all you do for our family and for so many others.  I love you, Dad.  Happy Birthday!

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dad!”

unclebobbyjr Says:
July 13th, 2008 at 6:21 am

Nothing on earth that I have come across beats Dink’s sauce!

Ed Bahler Says:
August 15th, 2008 at 10:08 pm

You make all us dads out here want to cry a bit Julie. I have a daughter your age with the heart and passion I sense in you. Reading your blog is like reading Jenny’s. Feeling your heart in these posts reminds me of her.

A nice blessing tonight…thanks



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